Lockdown effect , World’s 3rd highest mountain peak seen from WestBengal

CoronaVirus continues to wreak havoc in our country. Lockdown has been going on in the country since March 24 to break the chain of infection of Coronavirus. During the lockdown, people are imprisoned in homes, and travel by vehicles on the roads has completely stopped. The factory and industry are completely closed. The best effect of lockdown is seen in the environment. An accurate example of this is found in Siliguri in West Bengal.

In fact, for the people of Siliguri in West Bengal, this morning is bringing some special view. No one could have imagined that the people of Siliguri would be able to sit there and take a view of Kanchenjunga, the world’s third-highest mountain peak. People are able to see the view of Kanchenjunga from the roof of their house due to the environment being completely clean during the lockdown.

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