Man Dies During Sex in Nagpur!!

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Nagpur, 9/1: A 30-year-old man from Nagpur has died on Friday morning due to suffocation after a rope tied around his neck became a noose during sex with a woman. A case of accidental death has been registered at Khaparkheda police station.

The incident took place at a lodge in Khaparkheda, Nagpur. According to the police, the woman tied his hands and legs to a chair and put another rope around his neck, which later proved to be deadly.

“The man had been in a relationship with the woman, who is married and has a child, since the last five years. Both of them came to the lodge on Thursday night to spend time together. The woman tied his hands and legs to a chair with a nylon rope during sex. She allegedly used another rope around his neck to heighten sexual arousal,” a police officer was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.

“When the woman returned, she found her partner lying motionless,” the officer told PTI.

The woman was detained for questioning and further investigation is going on.


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