Meet Nirbhaya’s lawyer Seema Kushwaha

Seven years later, the long wait is over. On March 20, 2020, at 5:30 a.m, four demons were hanged in Tihar Jail. Nirbhaya’s lawyer, however, played a key role in the process. On the one hand, the accused’s lawyer, AP Singh, did his best to save the accused. He also used all options to escape the death penalty. However, Nirbhaya’s lawyer Seema Kushwaha was not defeated in the judicial battle. Lawyer Seema Kushwaha fought with AP Singh to bring justice to Nirbhaya.

But most importantly, Seema has fought for seven years without taking a single penny. Seema Kushwaha is being greeted after the four convicts were hanged. He won everyone’s hearts by fighting the Nirbhaya case without pay.

Uttar Pradesh resident Seema studied law at Delhi University. According to media reports, she wanted to serve the people as an administrative officer. But God’s will was different. Today, as a lawyer, she has been able to do justice to the fearless.

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