Meet the Youngest Cadaver Donor, who saved 5 Lives!

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New Delhi, 14/1: A 20-month-old girl named Dhanishtha became the youngest cadaver donor in the world. Dhanishtha a resident of Rohini, New Delhi has donated her heart, liver, both kidneys, and both corneas were donated at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and have since been transplanted into 5 different patients. The toddler passed away on January 11.

Dhanishtha fell from her house on the first floor and fainted. She was immediately taken to the hospital, but despite the efforts of the Doctors she left the world on January 11. Her organs were working fine even after her death.

Despite the huge loss of losing their daughter Babita and Ashish Kumar showed immense courage to donate Dhanishtha’s organs.

“During our stay at the hospital, we met many patients who were in dire need of organs. Though we lost our loved one, still our daughter continues to live and in the process, either giving life or will be improving the quality of life of needy patients,” Ashish said.

“This noble act of the family is really praiseworthy and should motivate others. At 0.26 per million, India has among the lowest rate of organ donation. On an average 5 lakh Indians die every year due to lack of organs,” said Dr. DS Rana, Chairman (BOM), Sir Ganga Ram Hospital while lauding the efforts of both the parents.

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