MSP will continue, says Ministry of Agriculture

As of recent developments, the Centre has asked the representatives of farmers for another round of discussion on December 9, 2020(Wednesday). The farmers have however, maintained their stand on calling a nation-wide strike on December 8, 2020(Tuesday).

New Delhi, 6/12: The ongoing farmers’ protest against the three new farm bills reached the eleventh day as the third meeting between the representatives of the farmers and representatives of the centre and various other states failed. The farmers have agreed for another meeting to be held on 9 December, 2020(Wednesday). However, they have held ground on calling for a nation-wide strike on 8 December, 2020(Tuesday). As per sources, the Government representatives offered to amend the rules, but the farmers remained adamant about scrapping the new laws completely.

In a statement to the media, Ministry of Agriculture, said, “The government has said that MSP will continue. We can give it in writing too. I think the Congress government (in states) and the Opposition are trying to instigate farmers. The nation’s farmers are in favour of these laws but some political people are trying to add fuel to the fire. I have faith in PM Modi’s leadership and farmers. I am sure farmers will never make a decision that will cause unrest anywhere in the country. These laws have provided the freedom to them. I don’t think the real farmers, working in their farms, are bothered about it.” accusing the Opposition to mislead and misinform the protesting farmers.

“I think farmers should think how this is being politicised and not get lured by the ones who are trying to score political benefits.”, the Union Minister of State for Agriculture, Kailash Choudhary added.

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