Mumbai lawyer files case against China in ICC

Mumbai,19/4: Ashish Sohani, a lawyer situated in Mumbai, has now documented an appeal at the International Criminal Court (ICC) against China, asserting the nation of neglecting to contain the coronavirus ailment (COVID-19) pandemic episode and permitting it to spread to the remainder of the world, where it is currently influencing lives out of control.

In his 33-page supplication, Solani likewise requested Rs 190 lakh crore in the interest of the Government of India from China, as harms taking care of the expense of managing the COVID-19 episode.

This modest Complaint/Petition is being recorded because of the ongoing episode and progressing sickness to be specific, COVID-19 in China and before long overwhelmed the whole world in its blazes. In this objection/request, we will set up, how China has been careless criminally and has wilfully retained data with respect to the infection and the episode, because of which the world is enduring,” Sohani said in his appeal.

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