Nurse arrested for filming Doctors in Changing Room. Read the Details Here!

The Police on Friday arrested a male nurse for secretly filming doctors in the changing room of a Bengaluru hospital.

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Bengaluru, 23/2: The Police on Friday arrested a male nurse for secretly filming doctors in the changing room of a Bengaluru hospital. The accused is identified as Marutesha. He was arrested after a complaint was filed by the Director of Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedics.

According to police officials, on Friday at around 9.30 am, a young female surgeon noticed a mobile phone, set up in the recording mode, hidden in the changing room. The doctor found that the mobile had recorded her changing before heading to the operation theatre.

The doctor then brought the matter to the notice of her colleagues. Later they found out that the mobile phone belonged to one of the employees of the Hospital who was working on a contract. The matter was then brought to the notice of the director who filed a complaint with the Tilak Nagar police.

Marutesha was arrested and booked under IPC Section 354-C and 201. The police found that the accused has been filming doctors in the changing room for the past few months. But the accused has not shared nor uploaded the videos.

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