Petrol prices receive a hike of 17paise/litre, Diesel prices hiked by 22paise/litre.

The price of petrol and diesel received a hike each after a two month hiatus on Friday after international oil prices got a hike.


New Delhi, 20/11: The petrol and diesel prices in the country hiked up on Friday after the international oil price got a revision in the price after almost a hiatus of almost 2 months. Petrol prices have hiked up by 17paise per litre and diesel prices have hiked up by 22paise per litre. The new price of petrol for a litre has been revised from Rs. 81.06 to Rs. 81.23 and the diesel price has been revised from Rs. 70.46 to Rs. 70.68 per litre in New Delhi, as per sources. Notably, this the second revision of petrol and diesel prices which had remained virtually unchanged since September 22, 2020.

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