PM backs the Farm Laws says farmers will get new market and tech access

New Delhi, 12/12: Amid the rising protest against the farm laws, PM Narendra Modi said on Saturday that the new farm laws brought by the central government a few months ago will bring down the walls between agriculture and other sectors. PM Narendra Modi said the farm laws will help the farmers get new markets as, he reiterated, they would now have the option to sell their produce to mandis as well as the outside parties.

PM Narendra Modi said all the walls between the agriculture sector and associated sectors have now been removed as the “recent farm reforms will give farmers new markets, access to technology and help bring investments in agriculture that will benefit them.”

“We’d seen walls b/w agriculture sector and other associated sectors – be it agriculture infrastructure, food processing, storage or cold chain. All walls and obstacles are being removed now. The cold storage infrastructure will be modernized. This will result in more investments in the agriculture sector. Farmers will be benefitted the most from it. The farmers have options to sell their crops in mandis as well as to outside parties,” PM Modi said.

Delivering the inaugural address at the FICCI’s 93rd annual general meeting and annual convention on Saturday via video-conferencing, PM Narendra Modi said, “In the match of 20-20 we saw a lot of things changing rapidly. But 2020 baffled everyone. The nation and the entire world saw a lot of ups and downs.”


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