Prices of These things will Increase from April 1. Know Details!

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New Delhi, 30/3: The general public has been upset over the price hike during the corona Pandemic. In the meantime, some items are going to be more expensive from April. The price of petrol, diesel, gas cylinders, etc. will go up from April 1 to the price of milk, air conditioning or AC, fans, TVs, and smartphones. Airfares, tolls, and electricity tariffs will also increase. People have to pay more for all these services. So let’s find out what will increase from April 1 and how much…

– Electronic goods will be more expensive as per the new budget. From April 1, 2021, the price of television can increase from Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000. Companies are also planning to increase the prices of AC, refrigerators, and coolers from April. Companies are preparing to increase the price of AC as raw materials prices rise. AC manufacturing companies plan to increase prices by 7 to 8 percent. This means that the price of AC per unit can increase from Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000.

-Dairy traders have decided to raise prices. The price of milk should be Rs 55 per liter, farmers said. But traders said they would increase the price of milk by just Rs 3. The increase will take effect on April 1. This means that from April 1, people will get milk at Rs 7 per liter.

– Similarly, in April you may have to pay more to buy a car. Japanese company Nissan has already announced a price increase for its car. Nissan has announced an increase in the price of its second brand, Datsun. The Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers Escorts Limited’s Agri Machinery Department also said it would increase the price of tractors from April.

– Electricity prices have risen in Odisha and Bihar. People in the two states will have to pay more for electricity bills from April. New rates will be introduced in Bihar from April 1, and new rates will be introduced in Odisha from April 6. In Odisha, the tariff for domestic use has been increased by 30 paise per unit. Previously, the cost of up to 50 units was Rs 2.40. So far it has increased by Rs 3. Similarly, the cost from 50 to 200 units was Rs 4.50. It has been increased by Rs 4.80.

– Airline fares are set to increase from April 1. Recently, the central government decided to increase the lower limit on domestic airfares by 5 percent. From April 1, domestic airfare will be Rs 200. Now it is Rs 180. As for international flights, their fees will increase from $ 5.2 to $ 12. The new rate will apply to tickets issued from April 1, 2021.

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