Protest Against PM Narendra Modi Continues in Bangladesh

Dhaka, 29/3: Opposition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit in Bangladesh continues even after his return to India. The leaders of the radical Islamist organization Hifazat-e-Islam, which have been opposing the PM for the last three days, have now come down on violence. Protestant protesters, who have been demonstrating for three days, attacked religious places and a train in eastern Bangladesh on Sunday. So far 12 people have died in violence and clashes.

Brahminbaria city journalist Javed Rahim said supporters of the radical group set fire to government offices, music academies, and a train. The rioters have also attacked many Hindu temples. At a rally, Hifazat-e-Islam secretary Azizul Haq said that the police have opened fire on our comrades who are protesting peacefully. We will not let the blood of our brothers go in vain.

Protests also took place in the capital Dhaka and Chittagong during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit. Protests were held in Baitul Mukarram area in Dhaka after Friday prayers. At the same time, in Chittagong, after the namaz, a protest march came out of the Hathajari madrasa after which violent clashes took place between the police and the protesters. There are reports of 4 deaths in this. On Saturday, 6 people died in the violence. On Sunday, two people also died.

In Bangladesh, at least 26 policemen were injured in an attack by supporters of the Muslim fundamentalist group Hifazat-e-Islam. On Saturday, these supporters targeted the Aruel police camp in Sarail, Brahmanpuria. In addition, a police station located at Bhanga in Faridpur district was also attacked by miscreants. Police officer Rafikul Islam said that we had to shoot tear gas shells and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd as they had come to the police station and started vandalizing.

Ever since the announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official visit, Bangladesh’s Muslim leaders, radicals and leftist organizations have been holding rallies in protest against the visit. These people claim that Bangladesh’s founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman struggled for a secular nation, while India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is communal.



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