Rumours are more dangerous than Coronavirus

New Delhi,6/4; Preparations are underway to deal with the Carona crisis in India. At the same time, the government is worried about some rumors circulating on social media. The rumors on social media are more horrific than the coronavirus, Delhi Police said. The public has been advised by the police along with the government not to pay attention to this. Some antisocial people are misleading people with the help of special social media. A verification module called Fake News has been prepared by the Delhi Police. It contains information about rumors going viral on social media. It has been linked to the Delhi Police’s website ‌ delhipolice.nic.in. In addition, the Delhi Police has issued helpline number 23469526. Meanwhile, the number reached this number  13,119, according to Delhi Police. Some of them are said to have come from outside Delhi.

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