Sachin will not celebrate his birthday this year

The legendary Indian batsman Sachin will not be celebrating his birthday this year. Two days later, on April 24, Tendulkar will turn 47. As the lockdown continues due to the coronavirus, Tendulkar has decided not to celebrate his birthday this year.

Usually, Tendulkar celebrates his birthday as a grand. It also includes a number of celebrities. But this time the situation is completely different and for this reason, Tendulkar has decided not to celebrate his birthday. Even after his retirement from cricket, his birthday was celebrated with great pomp and circumstance. But for the past few years, Tendulkar has been celebrating his birthday with the Mumbai Indians in the IPL.

This time around, Tendulkar is at home because of the lockdown, and he has decided to celebrate his birthday at home. Tendulkar wants everyone to follow the social distance. Besides, where the whole world is going through a big crisis, there is no point in celebrating birthdays

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