This 5-minute Feel Good Meditation technique increases energy and enthusiasm

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During meditation, blood flow and circulation of energy increases in the body. This gives more oxygen to the muscles. Lactic acid increases in the body, which rapidly reduces stress and discomfort. Meditation is a mental exercise that calms your mind, stabilizes meditation in one place.

Meditation means concentrating and introspection, trying to identify oneself. Dr. Hansa Jaydev Yogendra, director of The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, said that a five-minute meditation technique increases energy and calms the mind. For this, sit in concentrated meditation for some time and feel the energy yourself. You can do it anytime, anywhere.

First minute: Sit down comfortably in a chair. Take slow and deep breaths through your nose during the entire exercise. Stay steady and leave your body loose and feel the weight of the body in the chair. Meditate on your breathing. Breathe in, counting up to four, and exhaling while counting up to four.

Second minute: Eyes should be on nose and keep full focus on breathing. Calm down the mind. Feel the joy that you are sitting with yourself at this time.

Third minute: Keep eyes closed. Focus on tactile power for 15 seconds. Feel your clothes touching the body. For the next 15 seconds, listen to the outside voices. Focus on listening. Then think about smell, taste, and seeing power. Just feel it.

Fourth minute: If thoughts are coming to your mind then do not pay attention to them, do not try to control them. Let them come and go effortlessly. Just know and understand your thoughts.

Fifth minute: Choose any of these good ideas, scenes, words, sentences. Now just focus on it. Whatever it is, it should be beautiful and energetic. For example, if you have thought about the beach, then it should be beautiful, quiet, full of passion. This thinking should give you satisfaction and happiness.

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