This blood group is more vulnerable against Coronavirus..Know the details


Coronavirus has so far caught 66 lakh people worldwide. So far, at least 3 lakh 89 thousand people have died from this dangerous virus. Usually, corona patients have difficulty breathing. Later, this causes death. New research has claimed that which patient will have more difficulty in breathing and which less depends on the blood group of patients.

Research claims
According to the News Medical Life Science website, research was done on 1600 patients in hotspots in Italy and Spain. Under this, it was found that patients of A positive group have more difficulty in breathing when the corona is infected. While in O positive patients this risk is less. Doctors conducted research on the basis of genes. Most patients die due to difficulty in breathing.

During the research, the researchers also analyzed 2205 blood samples that were not infected with corona. However, more research is going on regarding the blood groups. Earlier, according to a study done on 2173 patients infected with the coronavirus in Wuhan and Shenzhen, China, the number of people with blood group A was found more in these patients. While the risk of corona infection in people of O blood group has been seen to be much less than that of A.

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