UK Bans Foreign Trips on Holidays, Heavy fine Imposed for Breaking rules!

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After the rise of Corona cases again worldwide, many countries have increased the strictness. Now the ban on foreign travel in Britain has been extended till July. Also, for those who leave the country due to non-essential reasons, a fine of 5000 rupees or about 5 lakh rupees can also be imposed.

According to the report published in the Daily Mail, the new rules in Britain may come into force from next week and now the government has started preparing the entire roadmap to come out of the lockdown. This law is going to come into force from next March 29, which says that no one can go on a trip outside the country without a valid reason.

According to these laws, a fine of around £ 5000 can be imposed for breaking the rules related to travel. Apart from this, there is a provision for a fine of 200 pounds for not filling the travel documents properly. In this form, the traveler will have to clearly explain the details and reasons related to his journey. In the new law, due to work and hardy, travel abroad is exempted. At the same time, this restriction will not be applicable to those traveling to the Common Travel Area of Ireland.

The applicable rules will be reviewed on April 12 and after that, the rules will be reviewed every 35 days. Apart from this, travel in the countries of the world where corona cases are increasing is also going to be difficult. France can be put on the ‘Red List’ by the end of this week. Health officials are also concerned about the new variant of Corona found in South Africa, in which case the entire continent can be put on the ‘Red List’. Red list means that it will be mandatory to stay quarantined after traveling to these countries.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Johnson has now indicated the removal of restrictions after the completion of one year of lockdown. He said, ‘Many of our people have lost their lives in the last 12 months and I express my deepest condolences to those who have lost their families. Today is an opportunity to look back at the completion of one year of lockdown, which has been the most difficult year in the history of the country.

Let us tell you that more than 43 lakh people have been infected with the Corona virus in Britain and more than 1.25 lakh people have died. Even Prime Minister Johnson was infected with Corona and had to stay in the hospital for some time.

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