Vegetable seller’s family with 16 member found Corona positive

New cases of coronavirus infection in Uttar Pradesh are not stopping. In Meerut district, there has been a case of 16 people getting infected with COVID-19 simultaneously. They are all from the same family. According to the information, this family belongs to a vegetable seller, who has died of corona infection. This has caused a stir in the surrounding area. With the emergence of such a large number of corona positive cases at the same time, the local administration has been quite disturbed by the situation.

Earlier, a fruit seller of Meerut has also died. According to the information, in the past, a large fruit trader of the new vegetable market died in Apollo Hospital in Delhi. He was found to be corona positive. Earlier these fruit traders were admitted to Subharti Hospital in Meerut and did not have corona. However, during an investigation in Delhi, he was found to be corona positive. He died within a few days. After the death of the fruit trader, when the health department started pool testing so that the corona investigation could be speeded up.

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