Gold mine worth 250KG gold found in Jharkhand during lockdown.


Gold Reserves worth 250 KG of gold has been found in the Bhitar Dari of East Singhbhum district. Janardan Prasad, deputy director-general of Geological Survey of India and director Pankaj Kumar Singh, has submitted a report to the state’s mining secretary, Abubakar Siddiqui, about finding gold reserves in the mine. It has been said in the report that 250 kg of gold is stored in the mine.


The Jharkhand government has now started preparing for the auction of this mine. This is expected to bring 120 crores to the treasury of the state government. The work of locating the gold reserves in Bhitar Dari was going on under the direction of the geologist Pankaj Kumar Singh. The quantity of gold of different quality has been detected in it. There is a possibility of 250 kg of gold coming out of gold ores of different varieties.

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