Conspiracy by Pakistan : Another tunnel found in Kashmir

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Kathua, 13/1: Pakistan has been continuously trying for unrest in India through Jammu and Kashmir. The proof of this is the tunnel found in the Kathua area on Wednesday, which was very expertly prepared. The tunnel found by the security forces was built by the Pakistani security forces to enlist the terrorists in the country. The special thing is that in November also, Indian security forces had detected one such tunnel. Border security forces have informed the national level that a tunnel has been detected inside the ground. It has been built by the Pakistan Army to bring the terrorists across the border. A senior officer of the Border Security Force said that this tunnel was found about 65 feet away from the Indian fence line. 3 feet wide, this tunnel has been constructed at a depth of 25-30 feet. The official said, `”Keeping in mind the last tunnel found, we have discovered that the Pakistan Army has started preparing cross border terrorists to make a new route for infiltration. A separate team has been prepared to find them. It is believed that Pakistan is plotting to spoil India’s environment through the tunnel on one side and Khalistan supporters on the other side. It is reported that the ISI, through Khalistan supporters, is seeking to instigate violence in the peasant movement.

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