Coronavirus new strain : Rajasthan govt on alert as 811 people arrived from UK

Rajasthan, 25/12 :The new strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has put all countries including India in concern. After getting the information of 811 people who came to Rajasthan from Britain, the Rajasthan government has also got into action about the new strains. The Health Department has issued an alert to all the district collectors. Instructions have also been given to monitor all the travelers coming from Britain.

The corona has not been completely controlled yet and the new strain of corona in the UK has caused worldwide outrage. Concerns have increased with the news of the rapid spread of this new variant. However, after this, all UK flights have been blocked. But, before this, a large number of travelers have reached India. As of 24 December, a total of 811 passengers have arrived in Rajasthan from the UK. Rajasthan government has come into action as soon as this information is received and an alert has been issued to the collectors of all the districts regarding the new strain.

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