Coronavirus scare: 116 affected in India

New Delhi, 14/3: While the coronavirus has played havoc around the world, the number of cases of infections in India is on the rise. Five new cases came to light in Maharashtra on Monday. In Maharashtra, the number of cases of coronavirus has risen to 38. So far, there have been 116 cases of infection in 15 states. The central and state governments, on the other hand, are taking various precautions to deal with the corona. Schools, colleges, cinema halls, and malls have been closed in most states, and members of the public have been barred from attending meetings. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday called on the SAARC country to work together and come up with an action plan to deal with the coronation. More than 6,000 people have died of the coronavirus worldwide, while India has the 2 confirmed death due to coronavirus.

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