Find out What Happens When Horses see themselves in the Mirror!!

Rome, 29/3: Scientists have come to believe that only humans and species of monkeys on earth are considered capable of identifying themselves mentally. There is more sense in them than other creatures. This understanding is also found in some special dolphins, parrots, but for the first time, a research has revealed that even in horses, brains are full of mind. Scientists of Italy have claimed this.

Researchers at the University of Pisa, Italy reported that they carried out this research at the Italian Horse Protection Rescue Center in Tuscany, Tuscany. Which included 14 horses. Three of these were eliminated in the initial phase, because they could not adjust themselves in the setup ready for research.

Scientists told that a mark of X was made on both the cheeks of these 11 horses. Of these, the horses not only saw themselves in the mirror, but they made strange movements. For example, removing the tongue and verifying your identity. Not only this, all these horses also saw the X mark. They also tried to erase them. At the same time, the remaining three horses were scared to see their replica.

Scientists said that apart from humans, only monkeys have the ability to recognize their replica. Not only this, monkeys are also able to recognize any change on their body. This is the first time that any organism other than monkeys has behaved in a manner in which they have identified themselves.

According to the news of DailyMail, researchers at the University of Pisa said that it was a pilot project, which has been very successful. We are going to move further in this direction and positive success is definitely awaiting us.




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