Good News: Free admission in Schools and Colleges in this state


There is hardly any country in the world untouched by the deadly pandemic Coronavirus. This virus, originating from Wuhan city of China, has made the world’s economic situation weak. Like other countries, the coronavirus has had a profound impact on India’s education system. Examinations in many states were postponed, and it is taking time to declare the results in the states where the examinations were held. However, in the meantime, there is relief news for parents and students already facing a financial crisis.

Free admission to universities, colleges, and higher secondary schools
In fact, Assam Government (Assam Government) has given good news to the parents who are financially strapped due to the lockdown implemented across the country due to Coronavirus. According to the NDTV report, the government has said that there will be free admission in universities, colleges, and higher secondary schools in the state for the current academic session. According to the Assam government, this will not increase the burden of admission for people struggling with financial constraints.

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