Google launches Android 11 Go Edition! New features will be found with better performance

Google has launched Android 11 Go Edition for smartphones with 2GB and less RAM. This new version of Android, which comes for entry-level devices, has better performance and new features. Along with this, Google says that in Android Go smartphones, users will get security and privacy features like Android 11. At the time of the application launch in the new Android 11 Go Edition, it is 20% faster than the Android 10 Go Edition.

You will get these features
Android 11 Go Edition gets gesture navigation support, large display support. Along with this, another feature notification shade will also be available to users in Android 11 Go Edition. With the help of which users will be able to easily reply to the message from the notification itself. Android 11 (Go Edition) brings a one-time permissions feature, which allows you to access sensors such as microphones, cameras and locations. Apart from this, it has also brought an auto-reset permission support feature.

Android 11 Go Edition will be available from next month. Devices that have 2GB RAM or less RAM will run on Android 11 Go Edition. Only new smartphones will be launched with Android 11 Go Edition. That is, older smartphones will not get its update.

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