iPhone 12 may come with 6GB RAM and 3D Camera

New Delhi, 25/2: Just two months ago, Apple unveiled its latest generation of iPhones namely iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Now, technology insiders are revealing that Apple’s iPhone 11 successor iPhone 12, which is expected to be launched in September 2020, may sport a 6 GB RAM.

With over 10 months left for iPhone lovers to catch the first glimpse of iPhone 12, Barclays analyst Curtis is of the view that Apple may launch three new smartphones with features like Wave 5G support, news portal, and iMore and others.

On the camera front, iPhone 12 may sport 3D sensing cameras for photography enthusiasts with a host of AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities.

The new iPhones will have Apple’s A13 chip to add up to its performance. iPhone 12 pricing may start from $399.

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