Ozone layer hole over Arctic closed due to Coronavirus

Last month, there was a large hole in the ozone layer above the Arctic in the North Ole. Now that hole is closed. This hole had become very big until a few days ago, due to which the whole science world was worried. But according to the latest information, this hole has been completely closed.

This hole was made at a time when the whole world was struggling with the Corona crisis. During this time, traffic including economic and industrial activities was blocked all over the world. Many people felt that due to the improvement in air pollution due to this, this hole could be closed. But scientists have rejected such arguments and told the real reason for this.

Scientists confirmed its closure

The Copernican Atmosphere Observation Service has reported that the unexpected ozone hole that had formed over the Arctic at the North Pole has completely closed. This hole took a huge shape last month. Scientists feared that this hole could reach the southern hemisphere, but this did not happen.

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