Ritesh Agrawal, a Odisha-born entrepreneur, has been indicted in a criminal case

OYO Hotels & Homes, a company founded by Riteish Agrawal, a young entrepreneur from Odisha who once set an example for the country’s startups, is now embroiled in legal controversy. There have been several allegations of fraud against the company. On the one hand, the business has been slow due to the Karona epidemic, while on the other hand, all these legal cases have put the company in crisis.

A criminal conspiracy case has been registered against Ritesh Agrawal and Sandeep Lodha, head of the Luxury Brand Weddings in Oyo, Mohali, Punjab. A case has been registered against Vikas Gupta, a businessman from Chandigarh. In his FIR, he alleged that Oyo chief Ritesh and Sandeep had hastily entered into an agreement with him. After the FIR, the rural police in Mohali have launched an investigation into the incident. Such allegations, however, have been refuted by the Oyo company.

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