This Bollywood actress tested Coronavirus positive

Coronavirus is still spreading fast in the country. The total number of patients infected with the coronavirus has crossed 21 lakhs across the country. In the last 24 hours, the maximum 64,399 new cases of Corona have been reported. So far, a total of 21,53,010 positive cases of corona have been found in the country. While the number of infected patients has so far reached 14,80,884. At the same time, another actress has come in the grip of this virus.

Bollywood actress Natasha Suri was found positive by Coronavirus and will have to give up the promotion of her upcoming thriller show ‘Dangerous’. Natasha said, ‘I have been ill since the beginning of August. On 1 August, I went to Pune for some urgent work, it seems that I got the virus from there. I think I gave this virus to my sister Rupali and grandmother”

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